Technology Developments 2024 Tech Vision

by Sri Lanka

In transport, great progress resulted from the invention of the winch and the odometer. Innovations in mechanical technology included the newly devised right-angled gear, which would turn out to be notably essential to the operation of mechanical units. Hellenistic engineers also devised automata corresponding to suspended ink pots, automated washstands, and doorways, primarily as toys, which nevertheless featured new useful mechanisms such because the cam and gimbals. Hellenistic engineers of the Eastern Mediterranean had been responsible for numerous inventions and improvements to present technology. In distinction to the sometimes nameless inventors of earlier ages, ingenious minds corresponding to Archimedes, Philo of Byzantium, Heron, Ctesibius, and Archytas stay known by name to posterity. With Ptolemaic Egypt as its intellectual middle and Greek as the lingua franca, the Hellenistic civilization included Greek, Egyptian, Jewish, Persian and Phoenician students and engineers who wrote in Greek.

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